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Workshops at Grama's Healing Porch

Grama’s Healing Porch, 1770 Hoover Road, Deer Grove, IL


Prayer Bundles                      August 14, 2019    6:30pm - 8pm  $20

Heart To Heart Meditation   August 29, 2019    1pm - 2:30pm  $20


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workshops added in 2019! 

“Education is all about learning and sharing. When educating self, it gives the opportunity to educate others. Within that process we learn something more about ourselves and one another.”

From The Universe to Our Hearts by

Elias Patras

The Empath Workshop Series

Grama's Healing Porch, Deer Grove, IL

September 28, 2019   1-4pm

October 12, 2019   1-4pm

October 28, 2019   1-4pm

If you consider yourself an empath, you do not want to miss this educational series to dive into what being an empath means, how it affects your daily life, and how to manage the challenges that come with the empathic self.


Learn about grounding, empowerment and your inner voice.


This series will provide you insight and tools to navigate emotions and coping mechanisms to best share your gifts with others.

Workshop tickets may be purchased for $40 each or $100 for all 3.

Workshop Series - ALL 3


Workshop #1 Only - Grounding


Workshop #2 Only - Empowerment


Workshop #3 Only - Inner Voice


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