The Intuitive Experience 

Intuitive Sessions

An Intuitive Session is about connection, understanding and clarity for

the client. Your personal energy is read. We then discuss what I sense are blocks that you may be encountering in your life.


The session may consist of conversation, and if you are open, the use of oils, crystals, card reading, reiki, a mini sound healing, angel reading or drumming.


Each session is based on the information received for each individual client. Sessions may be completed in person, on the phone, or via Zoom video and may be recorded upon request.

Cost: $75 for 45 minutes or $125 for 75 minutes

Payment: Cash, Google Pay, Venmo or Facebook Messenger Pay

“Connection is so important on so many levels. Connecting to self, to others, to nature, to all that is. When you connect you give the permission of being open, of saying I care, I am here, and I am present.”

From The Universe to Our Hearts by Elias Patras

Private Intuitive Parties

Gather a group of your friends and host an Intuitive Party. For two hours, Elias will read the energy of everyone present. Questions within the group may be asked during the session. These readings are done as a group, not one-on-one. Individual readings are available and may be scheduled with Elias. Intuitive Party pricing is based on how many attendees you have. There is a minimum of 12 people needed to have an Intuitive Party. Larger attendance will allow for a lower cost per person. The fee for the host will be waived. Please contact Elias for more information.

Customized, Long-Distance Groups

If you are not in the local area and wish to have an Intuitive Session, don't be shy! Elias will fly to you. For a per person fee he will customize and lead a group gathering for you and your friends, over a few hours, a day or a weekend. Session topics are always flexible and are often developed as needed by the energy of the attendees. Please contact Elias to customize your own group session as well as for rates and more information.

Phone:  773-817-0923


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