In this interview with Debi Silber of PBT Institute, Elias discusses how to use your own power to co-create whatever you want out of the Universe when you are able to listen and connect to the signs and signals you receive.


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with Dustin Harder and Alex Matteo

"A few months back I was at a Cheesecake Factory in Wilmington, DE when my girlfriend started RAVING about this medium she worked with in Chicago. Well, as you can imagine, it took all of 5 minutes before I got his info and reached out for a session. I had a really beautiful and illuminating session with Elias and immediately reached out to D…he had a session a week later. We are so excited to share with you all a conversation with our dear friend and medium Elias Patras. Elias’ has spent decades as an intuitive. His work promotes self growth and exploration, emphasizing how to co-create our experience with the Universe in deserving what we want for our highest good. Elias believes the key is learning how to listen and connect to the signs and signals that we receive from the Universe. Elias recently was the winner of the speakers program for Celebrate Your Life and will be teaching a workshop in Sedona."
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