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As a Motivational Intuitive Coach, Author, Psychic Medium, Retreat Facilitator, Holistic Bodyworker, Reiki Practitioner, and Ordained Minister, my ongoing studies in Intuitive Energy Work have progressed since 1997.

In 2002, I graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and continued to teach massage at New School for Massage, Bodywork and Healing at Cortiva Chicago School of Massage. That lead me to teaching several continuing education classes for massage therapists.

“Elias is a true healer.

I leave his sessions feeling totally re-energized and mentally and emotionally lighter. Just one session will change your life.”

~ A.L.  Client


Connection of the physical and spiritual was just beginning for me.


After completing a two year apprenticeship program in Shamanic Studies with Rainbow Journey, ReAwakenings Center was the next step on my path. Through ReAwakenings Center, I facilitated workshops, weekend retreats and monthly meetings including a workshop called Tapping into our Inner Voice, a six month workshop to learn about energy work and an opening of understanding how to connect to our inner self.


I have co-facilitated multiple apprenticeship programs including The Mesa as Healing Ground, an Apprenticeship in Cross-Cultural Healing Traditions with Jean Tindle, founder of Spirit Dancer Crystals, as well as a four weekend Earth Honoring Apprenticeship with Moira Scullion, founder of Shungo Bodywork. After those experiences, it became clear to me that expansion and reformatting my business was in order as well as re-branding. Inspiration struck as I wrote my book, developed a line of holistic products and EliasPatras.com was in full view and ready to launch.


My commitment and passion in providing workshops and retreats that promote self growth and self exploration is unequaled. I have facilitated group work, written articles, been interviewed on talk shows and most importantly have connected with individuals in private sessions. My work has a strong emphasis on how we co-create our experience with the Universe and deserve everything that we want for our highest good.


My belief is that the key is learning how to listen and connect to the signs and signals that we receive.

My Philosophy

Being a spiritual person, I have always believed in my own way about a higher connection, a connection of the body, mind and spirit. I didn’t understand what that truly meant until I became a holistic practitioner and started doing the work myself.


My background has really brought me to help bridge the gap between traditional and new thought theories. I believe there are many paths to the Divine. My goal is to bring that awareness to others; we just need to be open to hear and/or see how the messages come to us.

A big part of my work is to teach others about intuition and their own inner voice. For me, intuition is how God whispers to us. I feel that most people need a big, neon sign to get a clear answer from God. I have come to understand that sometimes the answers come as a whisper or a gentle nudge from God, the Universe, Spirit however you are comfortable referring.

Historically, I was raised with a strong Greek Orthodox background. My parents were Greek-Americans and adopted me directly from Greece. I have always been interested in psychology, spiritual awareness, and fascinated by the ways of mystics. As I child, I used to dream about my older relatives and it was always the same dream: we were in church except one relative, and when I woke up we would receive a telephone call that the relative who was not in my dream had passed away. I had forgotten all about those dreams until I was in my 30’s. Those feelings resurfaced when I got interested in investigating intuitive work and was finding that I could tap into my own inner voice easily.


I completed an apprenticeship in Andean based, Shamanic studies at the same time that I was learning more about other religious beliefs. Although conflicted with my own religious background and confused by the work I was being called to, I understood that God is in everything and God speaks to us in visions, dreams, animals, people, angels, and even love ones who have passed. This knowledge made me appreciate all that I had learned in my life and my experiences.

I am on this journey, learning every day, and it is my passion to teach what I know to others along the way.


Welcome to the journey.

To Connect, To Educate, To Grow. ~ Elias Patras

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